Bentley Stalking Libbo

This kind of game happens a lot at our house.  Bentley thinks he’s super sneaky and stalks Libbo.  Sweet Libbo just plays along with his special brother.

For the love of God, Bentley!

This morning as I was letting Libbo and Bentley out for their final bathroom break before leaving for work, the normal scene happened.  Both of them were super excited to get to go outside.  Libbo knows the drill, that it’s just a small break and then mom is leaving.  Bentley, even though he is almost 3 years old, obviously has not caught on to this whole routine.  (You will learn that I think Bentley just might be slightly retarded.)

I open the door and Libbo leads the way, but not for long.  Here comes Bentley, barreling his way though and slams into Libbo’s rear.  Libbo turns to look at him with this annoyed “WTF” stare, and poor Bentley has no clue.  Libbo walks out the door.  Bentley is leaping and bounding like a 3 year old hopped up on candy coke.  He proceeds to my car, still springing up and down like he’s going for a ride.  Mind you, this is the same scene day after day.  I tell the poor lost soul that we are not going anywhere and that he needs to go potty.  He gives me the confused Bentley look and finally walks out into the yard to take care of business.

As they’re both walking back into the house after their break, Bentley starts chewing on Libbo’s back legs so that he can hardly walk.  Libbo just stops dead in his tracks and doesn’t even take the time to look at his brother.  “For the love of God, Bentley!”

Libbo, you’re a saint.

Dog Guards Female Companion Who Fell Into Gutter

This just warms my heart.

Warm, Summer Day

Warm, Summer Day

Libbo and Bentley relaxing on the porch during the hot summer.

Where The Dood Love Began

Here is our first Goldendoodle addition to our family.  Libbo was only 4 weeks old in this photo, and is now a hefty 90 lbs.

Libbo at 4 Weeks


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